Neighborhood: Downtown Burbank

121 N San Fernando Blvd


Chic eatery in the heart of Downtown Burbank.

This casual gourmet cafe has been picked “Best of Burbank” by the Burbank Leader and been rated as the #2 restaurant in Burbank by Trip Advisor. Granville’s butternut squash soup has made the LA Weekly Top 10 list, with the Uptown Mac and Cheese, Bacon and Blue burger, bloody marys and hotcakes receiving rave reviews from customers far and wide.

Average Review

4 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

This place is fantastic!

I ordered I think it's called Eggs in a nest? It's a Beef stroganoff on some sort of bread. They cut a hole in the bread so that they can put an egg in the middle and wow, the combination of all that blew my mind. It was so delicious! Theres plenty of brunch places around where I live in LA, but I think I may just drive back there and eat there at least one other time instead. Full Review

5 out of 5 stars

DELICIOUS! Everything we had was so tasty!! Their menu does not do a good job of explaining the dishes, but if you see the pictures their food is extra special. For example we got the grilled cheese dippers to start, well not just your typical grilled cheese sandwich, inside the sandwich there was grilled onions and tomatoes and wow it was AMAZING. For our entrees we shared the ahi filet and opted for sauteed spinach instead of the soba noodles it usually comes with and it was perfection! It came with a wasabi dipping sauce that really brought it all together. The other entree we shared was the el gaucho salad with grilled salmon and wow what a great salad it was with tons of flavor and we loved the dressing and special "croutons." Then to finish our meal off we had the creme bruléed banana pecan brownie and it was good, not the best dessert but not bad and hit the spot. Full Review

5 out of 5 stars

I love this place! At lunch, you walk up to the register, order, pay, and grab a number to place on your table. You can sit inside at a table or booth OR on the patio. The interior is very nice. I love their menu. I have never received anything that was not delicious. I like the vibe too. They have a full bar and a cute fire place. GREAT for a romantic date, business lunch, day with the girls/guys, family get-together, birthday, etc. It's perfect. Their tomato soup is gooooooood. Like I stated earlier, their sweet potato fries are delightful. I don't know anyone who doesn't like Granville. It's located in Downtown Burbank on San Fernando Road. Super cute restaurant. Make sure you give it a try! Full Review

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