Neighborhood: Downtown Burbank

109 E Palm Ave


Serving 150+ types of Asian and American dishes.

Featuring more than 150 dishes, fresh vegetables, organic salads and varieties of seafood and hot food. Servings are all natural with no preservatives.

Average Review

2.5 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars

Actually think this place is good. I saw the reviews and imagined the worse food and the bad service, but I would agree that they don't pickup dirty dishes from your table at all.

Family and I were celebrating my brothers birthday and the place was not full at all on a Wednesday night.

Plenty of food to choose from, but you can notice the staff was winding down for the night and there was still 2 hours to go until closing.

After looking around a few food options I went for some seafood dishes as well as sushi and eventually some Chinese food offerings.

Sushi was a surprise, was not bad at all, they offer sashimi salad (2 variations) plus a few sushi rolls plus salmon and tuna.

Our waiter came around often to fill up our drinks but other then that he was nonexistent. Once the bill came that guy vanished into thin air...

So I hope to return and sample some more if I find myself really hungry and in the area.

Plenty of seating. Parking is free, what more do you want.

Prices are under $20 and drinks are about $3. Full Review

4 out of 5 stars

Great Buffet, great service, bathrooms are super clean & oh yeah SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM. Oh yeah, im coming back. Sushi was dope and pretty much all of your seafood needs. Well played Hokkaido Seafood buffet, well played. Full Review

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