Neighborhood: Magnolia Park

3429 A W. Magnolia Blvd


“The sweetest place for desserts, snacks, and candies”


We are a unique “place for sweet things.” meneSweet seeks out the best of the best from local bakeries and confectioners to provide customers with a selective assortment of premium sweets, snacks, candies, and the best soft serve ice cream in Southern California. You may find something new or a delightful twist on an old favorite. All our products are fresh and expertly prepared. We are about quality over quantity. We believe in packing a powerhouse of flavor into small sizes, tiny bites, and mini bags. Our treats and sweets are not just yummy, but a total food experience.

Our Story

meneSweet is founded on a passion for exceptional sweets. The owner/manager, Leslie Dievendorf, is a true foodie who believes dessert should be part of a meal or a snack at least once a day. Also, delivering excellent customer service is a top priority and part of the core values at meneSweet.


meneSweet has a strong connection to the local community. Owner/manager, Leslie Dievendorf, began dating his future wife/meneSweet partner, Fronnie Lewis, while both were working as volunteers in a food program at a Burbank church. They are both advocates of giving back. Therefore, meneSweet will be engaged with churches, non-profits, schools, and organizations in fundraising and helping make the planet a better place for all of us.